Victoria McBride

B.A. in Technical Communications, May 2019

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my personal website. I have a B.A. in Technical Communications, and am currently working on my M.A. while teaching two Intro to Composition classes--all through Texas Tech University. With the experiences, practices, and skills I have learned throughout my years at TTU, I am excited and confident to enter into the job field. Please explore my ePortfolio, I look forward to hearing from you.


About Me

My Story

Throughout different times of my life, I am proud to say that I have learned to overcome obstacles and to give my all in everything that I do. As I found my passion to be in literature, I become enthralled with the idea of creating, editing, and helping to produce publications of various types. While obtaining my B.A., I learned a great many of skills that I am confident will help me to succeed in the professional world. As an editor for the Texas Tech University Harbinger Journal, I was able to collaborate with other students to create a publication that is professional while practicing the exact skills that I will need to fulfill my dream job as a fiction editor. While working as an intern at TTU, I worked with a partner to create tutorial videos that would help to improve upon the learning process for students creating ePortfolios through the University’s website. This work helped me to gain knew knowledge and abilities in programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Creative Cloud. I am proud to say that I have published videos and written works that will be used at a university as highly praised at Texas Tech. Finally, working as a manager in the restaurant industry has taught me how to manage a team, stay organized, and be successful as a leader. All of this work was done while maintaining a 4.0 in my Technical Communications major at TTU, proving that I can juggle multiple responsibilities while completing tasks with great quality. As I continue on my journey, I can look back on all that I have done with pride, and look forward to my future with confidence and enthusiasm.